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Myofascial Release Therapy

Hometown Spine & Sport is proud to offer Active Release Technique (ART) in conjunction with other soft tissue rehabilitation services. Active Release Technique is a specific form of a sports massage. When muscles are injured, scar tissue builds and may linger for months and even years after the injury. Active Release Technique may help to alleviate lingering symptoms from old injuries.  Active Release Technique works by actively applying pressure to an injured muscle then stretching the muscle to break up scar tissue.

Our clinic places a large emphasis of our treatments on ‘Soft Tissue Myofascial Release’. Fascia is essentially a layer of skin that sits on top of our muscles throughout our body. Fascia can develop scar tissue or fibrotic adhesions after an injury to the area has occurred. That scar tissue can linger for months and years if not properly addressed. We find the areas in your body where fascial restrictions are and break up that treatment with a gentle but effective approach.

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