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Theragun Treatment

The TheraGun is one tool that we use to help our patients achieve a pain-free, pill-free life. With 33 individual vertebrae and 640 muscles in the human body, we are more alike than we think, and we all suffer from the nagging aches and pains that just keep cramping our style.

Using advanced percussive frequency modulation therapy (yeah, that’s a thing) the TheraGun goes to work on persistent muscle and joint pain to bring long-lasting comfort and much-needed relief so that you can get back into your life and get out of the pain. 

Finally, the TheraGun is a natural and organic way to alleviate muscle soreness, spasms, tightness, knots and even more extreme ailments including phantom pain, plantar fasciitis, and multiple sclerosis.

Theragun Treatment in Pittsburgh, PA - Example 1
Theragun Treatment in Pittsburgh, PA - Example 2

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